Mark Makanda


Mark Makanda

Candidate Attorney

Qualifications: LLB (Rhodes University)

Practice Areas:
Commercial Litigation, Construction and Infrastructure Projects Law, Energy Law and Project Finance

Professional Experience

Limited (“Eskom”) for seven (7) years. While at Eskom, and as project manager of a 4500MW Multi-Site Baseload programme, he worked closely with internal and external attorneys in the drafting, negotiation and production of a suite of legal agreements for issuance to the bidders for their RFP submissions for various procurements of power plants. Examples of experience obtained in key documentation include, but is not limited to the following: Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) (with a detailed risk matrix), Direct PPA, Transmission User Agreement, Direct Transmission Agreement and Fuel (Coal) Supply Agreements. He was part of the team involved in the proposed sale of a major power station and was involved in preparing the documentation for the road show to potential investors. He also worked with leading external attorneys to structure various feasible transaction structures to sell the 6 800MW unit power station from a corporate joint venture with Eskom retaining majority stake to a modular structure where the 6 units would be divided into 2 separate SPVs of 3 units each.
His experience in sub-Saharan Africa, at the World Bank Group and Eskom, has seen Mark also taking responsibility for the firm’s business development in the areas of Energy & Infrastructure Projects in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Mark is a second year candidate attorney and has acquired experience in various aspects of  commercial litigation and commercial law.